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The diagram to the left is traditionnal telephony. The telephone company (Telco) has wire going from your telephone jack to the telephone central. From this central, the telephone comapny examines the Canadian regulations (defined by the CRTC) to see if they are allowed to charge long distance call fees. After that, they connect you to the telephone central of the distant person you have requested.


However, on the diargam to the right,
Cool looks at the number you have dialed and via the Internet, connects you directly to a telephone central near the distant telephone's company central, wherever it may be in Canada. The long distance run has been made over the Internet for free instead of the expensive way used by the good old telephone system. It's a simlpe concept, it works, it's mostly much less expensive.

It's a deprecated way of doing things
that costs you alot.
That's really really Cool !

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